Product description

When insulating general building applications, ROCKWOOL stone wool slabs provide the best thermal, acoustic and fire protection. By using them in conjunction with ROCKWOOL’s purpose developed Ablative Liquid, construction ensures to deliver an additional fire stop boost to add extra peace of mind.


This water-based liquid can be used to coat stone wool slabs to give them a white finish to provide extra fire protection, with other colours available based on minimum order quantities. Whilst adding greater fire protection and an extra sophisticated look, ROCKWOOL Ablative Liquid adds to the strength of the stone wool slabs as well as boosts surface stability when applying fixing and adhesive sealants. In case of a fire, this original product forms an insulated char which protects the stone wool slab and prevents the passage of fire and smoke. ROCKWOOL Ablative Liquid is available separately from ROCKWOOL stone wool slabs for greater accessibility to enable site repairs to damaged ablative coated batts and other flexible usage. This product is also easy to use and can be sprayed or brushed to apply.



Fully complies with BS476: Part 20 standards.
Reducing delamination, reducing stress – an ablative coating offers composite materials like stone wool extra stability, decreasing the chance that they will have significant loss of mechanical toughness.


  • Long lasting durability – when applied in accordance with ROCKWOOL guidelines, this product can offer a durability of up to 15 years.
  • Shielding your space from unwanted noises – by creating an air seal barrier, this solvent is designed to decrease acoustic pollution.
  • Zero maintenance – Ablative Liquid requires no ancillaries, which makes it a cost-effective solution to fire prevention.
  • For best results - apply Ablative Liquid in temperatures between +10°C to +30°C.