Product description

With the right cavity wall insulation, the energy efficiency of a home or building can be significantly enhanced. ENERGYSAVER® is a simple yet effective solution for ultimate comfort and peace of mind. Not only does the solution boast high thermal performance, but also offers reduced noise transfer and a high level of fire resistance.


ROCKWOOL ENERGYSAVER® is a completely dry cavity wall insulation system made up of granulated ROCKWOOL mineral wool insulation which is blown into external wall cavities at a predetermined density. No glues or catalysts are involved in the installation process.

The system can be used to enhance the thermal insulation of both new and existing masonry cavity walls. ENERGYSAVER® can significantly reduce energy consumption in homes and create a comfortable environment by keeping heat in during the winter and keeping heat out during the summer months.

ENERGYSAVER® must be installed by an approved ROCKWOOL installer. Following a site survey, holes are drilled into the outer leaf of the cavity wall and filled with the mineral wool insulation. ENERGYSAVER® can be used on a diverse range of building types or used as part of new build construction processes.



A1 Euroclass non-combustible


  • A complete solution – ENERGYSAVER® ensures a complete cavity wall fill covering all areas without any settlement.
  • Nice and dry – the insulation is water repellent and will stop water migrating across the cavity into the building.
  • Say goodbye to condensation – risk of condensation is significantly reduced by the vapour permeable nature of the insulation.
  • Warm and safe – rated Euroclass A1 non-combustible, ENERGYSAVER® provides the highest level of fire resistance.
  • Minimum disruption – the insulation is quick and easy to install, a long lasting and cost-effective solution for energy efficiency.
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