Product description

ROCKWOOL Flat Roof Overlay Boards offer a robust high performance solution for the refurbishment of flat roofs and are compatible with all common flat roof systems. The insulation is fire resistant and offers high levels of acoustic performance which can overcome problems such as rain noise, which are typically associated with flat roofs.


The ROCKWOOL Flat Roof Overlay Board has been designed to simplify the repair and refurbishment of flat roof systems by creating a high-performance base layer. Its acoustic performance has been tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 10140 demonstrating its capability of improving the acoustic performance of a typical flat roof system by up to 47% (dependant on the membrane type).

Flat Roof Overlay Boards are compatible with all commonly used flat roof membranes such as GRP, single-ply, EPDM, bitumen and liquid applied systems. This flat roof insulation has been classified as A1 non-combustible, the highest level of fire performance.

Flat Roof Overlay is commonly used on applications to buildings such as schools, hospitals, office blocks, apartments and flats. The acoustic performance of mineral wool insulation in conjunction with its fire stopping properties, make it a reliable solution in specifications when refurbishing flat roof systems.



Euroclass A1 non-combustible


  • Simplifies flat roof repair jobs with its high specification and easy installation process, meeting the highest of flat roof insulation criteria.
  • Acts as an ideal level base layer to install new waterproofing membranes with robust acoustic and fire performance.
  • Lower material costs through simple application of the insulation board and fastening.
  • Easy to cut and simple to fit – ROCKWOOL Overlay Board can be quickly fastened mechanically or bonded with insulation adhesive.
  • Compatible with all common membranes including GRP, single-ply, EPDM, bitumen and liquid applied systems.