Product description

Say goodbye to cold spots and poor acoustics. Suitable for use all over the home, ROCKWOOL FLEXI® is an ideal insulation solution for any building project. The flexible edge helps to overcome the problems with fresh timber shrinkage as well as the displacement of insulation.


ROCKWOOL FLEXI® has been designed as a multi-use, dual purpose acoustic and thermal mineral wool insulation with a unique flexible edge along one side. The FLEXI slab is manufactured with the patented flexible edge which ensures a perfect fit is maintained between the insulation and the supporting framework. The insulation can be fitted between fresh timber and will expand into the wider space as the timber dries out and shrinks back. Other types of insulation can often become displaced resulting in cold spots or poor acoustics. FLEXI provides excellent thermal and acoustic performance as well as being A1 classified non-combustible for fire resistance.


ROCKWOOL FLEXI® is easy to install and has optimum effectiveness. It is suitable for use all over the home, in pitched roof rafters, framed external walls, internal partitions, intermediate floors, separating walls and floors, and timber suspended ground floors.



Euroclass A1 non-combustible

CE Marked


  • The patented FLEXI Edge® offers an accurate fit for all widths, overcoming problems with cold spots and acoustics that are associated with other types of insulation.
  • The insulation fits all typical metal and timber framework, a reliable option in any design specification.
  • High performing acoustic, thermal and fire protection properties, for a comfortable and safe home.
  • ROCKWOOL FLEXI® has been rated Euroclass A1 non-combustible, the highest level of fire resistance.
  • Fast and easy to install, the versatility of FLEXI for suitability all over the home makes it a simple and safe option for design specifications.
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