Product description

Large service openings in fire protected walls and floors must have adequate fire stopping measures in place to reduce the risk of fire spreading through a building. HS FireStop Compound provides a flexible solution for reinstating fire performance in service openings through fire protected walls and floors.


Fire stopping walls and floors can often become compromised by building programmes which need to make way for pipework or cable trays. High Strength FireStop Compound is made up of a specially formulated gypsum-based mortar which reinstates fire performance in voids. For ease of application, when the mortar is mixed with water it creates a workable range, from a stiff to pourable mix. HS FireStop Compound can also be pre-casted into conveniently sized blocks for use in wall openings.

Plastic pipework must be protected with either ROCKWOOL Firestop Pipe Collars or Intumescent Pipe Wraps for fire stopping purposes. HS FireStop Compound has been independently tested for use in walls and floors.

In addition to its fire stopping qualities, HS FireStop Compound also compliments acoustic performance. Tested in accordance with EN 10140, HS FireStop Compound achieves Rw 54 dB at a depth of 100mm (with 50mm ROCKWOOL shuttering batt).


  • For easy application, HS FireStop Compound allows for unsupported spans of up to 1800mm.
  • Designed to support high load bearing capacity without the need for additional supports.
  • Can be supplied in conveniently sized blocks to fill service openings in fire rated walls and floors.
  • ROCKWOOL HS FireStop Compound creates an effective acoustic and smoke seal in large service penetrations.