Product description

Voiding the fire risk. In the event of a fire, penetrations in fire rated walls can compromise fire performance and lead to an increased risk of the fire spreading. ROCKWOOL Oval Insulated Fire Sleeve provides a comprehensive solution for fire stopping in most wall penetrations.


Fire stopping around PVC ventilation ducting penetrations in plasterboard, masonry walls and ROCKWOOL Ablative Coated Batt is vital to reducing damage in the event of a fire. Without adequate fire protection around the ventilation ducting, the fire stopping performance of the wall could be easily compromised. ROCKWOOL Oval Insulated Fire Sleeve is made up of a unique combination of mineral wool insulation and graphite intumescent which will provide up to 2 hours of fire protection to PVC ventilation ductwork. ROCKWOOL Oval Insulated Fire Sleeve is available for protection to both rectangular and circular ductwork. The fire sleeve is supplied ready to install, providing a quick and easy solution without the need for foams, mastic and sealant. As a pre-formed unit, ROCKWOOL Oval Fire Sleeve does not require any additional metal sleeving to be fitted in plasterboard partition walls and can be cut for fitting. It also has thermal and acoustic qualities, preventing the transfer of noise and loss of heat through voids.