Product description

Insulating heating, ventilation and air-conditioning pipes prevents them from altering the temperature of any rooms or compartments they pass through. Pipe Section Mat (PSM) has been designed for HVAC application above 406mm diameter. 


ROCKWOOL Pipe Section Mat (PSM) is made up of a rigid foil faced mineral wool insulation slab with precision factory machined grooves on the inside face that specifically suit large pipe diameters of over 406mm. Below this diameter RockLap H&V Pipe Sections should be used. Pipe Section Mat provides thermal insulation of temperatures up to 700˚C, in addition to its acoustic properties.

Pipe Section Mat (PSM) is appropriate for use in a wide range of settings where HVAC pipework passes through buildings, and can even be used for external applications. It can be applied in single or multiple layers depending on requirements. Fixings are generally secured using metal tie wires or rubber bands.

All types of exterior finish are compatible with Pipe Section Mat (PSM) so that the best option can be chosen to complement the aesthetics of the environment.



CE Marked in accordance with BS EN 14303


  • High performance thermal and acoustic insulation specifically designed for application to large diameter pipes and ducts.
  • Supplied in flat-pack, Pipe Section Mat is easy to store, handle and install.
  • The high compressive strength of ROCKWOOL Pipe Section Mat makes it a robust and resilient insulation solution.
  • Compatible with all types of exterior finish for unlimited choice of aesthetic.