Product description

As a mechanically blown loft insulation solution, ROCKPRIME® is extremely quick to install and provides optimum coverage for the best thermal and acoustic performance. The granulated mineral wool insulation is suitable for applications in both domestic and commercial settings.


ROCKWOOL ROCKPRIME® is a mechanically installed, blown loft insulation system using granulated mineral wool insulation to create a close-fitting layer in loft space. The insulation layer is resistant to air or wind movement in the loft space and will not become displaced. The system can be installed in new and existing loft spaces to enhance thermal and acoustic performance.

As a completely inert and rot-proof material, ROCKPRIME® does not encourage growth of fungi, moulds or bacteria or offer sustenance to vermin.

ROCKPRIME® is quicker to install than rolled products and causes minimal disturbance to occupants or businesses. It is an effective insulation solution for roof spaces in many types of building, both domestic and commercial. The insulation is packaged in 20kg bags and delivered on pallets for ease of handling and storage. ROCKPRIME® should only be installed by approved ROCKWOOL installers.



Euroclass A1 non-combustible


  • ROCKPRIME® is an ideal solution for new and existing lofts in both domestic and commercial settings.
  • The insulation solution is quicker to install than rolls, causing less disruption to occupants or businesses.
  • No wastage – as a blown insulation it provides excellent coverage and alleviates the issue of wastage that can sometimes be associated with rolled options.
    Rated Euroclass A1 non-combustible, the insulation offers the highest level of fire resistance, reducing the risk of fire spread and creating a safe environment.
  • ROCKWOOL ROCKPRIME® is resistant to displacement from air movement and wind, as well as resisting rot and decay. The solution will last the lifespan of the building.
  • The sound proofing qualities of the mineral wool insulation prevent noise travelling into buildings through the roof.
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