Product description

ROCKWOOL Twinroll is the ideal loft insulation solution for all building types and suspended ceilings. The mineral wool insulation is an all-around high specification option for thermal and acoustic performance, in addition to excellent fire resistance.


ROCKWOOL Twinroll is made up of medium density mineral wool insulation. The thermal insulation boasts acoustic properties as well as being fire resistant, rated A1 Euroclass non-combustible.


Manufactured as one 200mm roll, ROCKWOOL Twinroll is pre-cut down the middle to create the option of two 100mm rolls as one package. Twinroll is supplied on pallets and protected by waterproof covering allowing it to be stored outside.


The insulation solution is suitable for roof spaces in all building types, or can be used to overlay suspended ceilings. ROCKWOOL Twinroll does not react with any metal components in lofts, nor does it cause loss of plasticiser from PVC cabling and pipes.


ROCKWOOL Twinroll considerably enhances thermal performance and sound reduction in roof spaces and ceilings.



Euroclass A1 non-combustibility


  • ROCKWOOL Twinroll is a multi-application product, suitable for numerous applications.
    The mineral wool insulation provides excellent thermal performance to help keep rooms a comfortable temperature.
  • The acoustic properties of ROCKWOOL Twinroll absorb sound, preventing noise travelling through roof spaces into internal spaces.
  • Rated A1 non-combustible the insulation roll acts as a fire barrier, increasing escape times and limiting damage to property.
  • Twinroll is a pre-split ROCKWOOL insulation package for ease of application.
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